Code : FTX-1200
Forza Series power supply units are designed for gaming, overclocking,
and any PC system which needs stability as essential.
Forza Series offer 80 PLUS Platinum certification for up to 92% efficiency
and also benefit with cool & silent operation.
Forza series also come with signature SAMA design;
this will be the best decision for you and your system.
24K Platinum power supply adopts active PFC and LLC resonance to improve transfer rate and lower noises.
With DC2DC technology, we guarantee more accurate voltage control.
PFC inductance can rrserve electric energy to avoid EMI.
Strongly prevent magnetic interference between cables and the earth through inducing electromotive force.
Stable current & Less heat.
24K Platinum power supply uses Capxon solid capacitor (available under high temperature condition
& no risk of explosion) decreasing resistance and at the same time ensuring low-heat output.
High standard VGA Card is a must-have for terrific experience while playing.
The Pure Power of 24K Platinum power supply supports +12output,
strong enough to offer adequate power to VGA Card.
Multiple ports, Support higher standard accessories
4 power supply ports for VGA cards(6+2pin),
4 power supply ports for Sata hard disk/drive,
2 power supply ports for big D fans
Connectors: 20+4, 4*IDE + 1*FDD +(6P+2P)+(6P+2P)*2
4*SATA Connectors